Is your student ready for the college application process?

If you feel like you’re already behind – or not sure where to start – getting help now could mean the difference for your high school junior or senior.

Finding the perfect-fit college can be a fun, rewarding experience for both you and your student.

How? By taking an organized, one step at a time approach, some self-reflection, some research, and support from family, friends, and their college counselor.

I’m Berry Shults, certified collegiate counselor and owner of Collegiate Keys.

I will work with your student to determine their strengths and weaknesses, decide on a list of colleges they want to explore, help them with their essays, ensure they have a timeline, and adhere to it. I will keep you – the parent – apprised of financial aid deadlines and ensure your student is looking at schools that fit into your, or their, financial parameters. Most importantly, your student will be accountable to me. I will be a buffer between you and them so you can enjoy the process and share in the excitement. 

Selecting the college that’s perfect for your child can be an exciting time in both of your lives.

Contact me today to learn how.